Parents reveal heart-stopping photos are just an illusion: 'I almost had a heart attack'

These parents shared how they took jaw-dropping photos on the edge of a cliff without putting themselves or their kids in danger!. Rocio Ocampo (@momdutyblog) is an Instagrammer and mom of twins who is traveling around the world with her family. Rocio recently shared a series of heart-stopping photos from her family’s trip to Rio de Janeiro. which seem to show her family posing dangerously close to the edge of a cliff—and even hanging off of it. Rocio then revealed that the seemingly dangerous photos were just an illusion!. From the right angle, the rock appears to extend out over the water, with nothing beneath it. But in reality, there is a second outcropping of rock just a few feet below it. “This place is famous for that illusion that you’re hanging from a cliff, but actually you are about 3 feet from the ground,” Rocio’s tour guide explains in the video. Instagrammers couldn’t get enough of Rocio’s family photos at Telegraph Rock. “Wow, epic post,” wrote one Instagrammer