Parents capture precious moment their firstborn meets her new baby sister

This TikTok parent shared the sweetest video of her toddler meeting her newborn baby sister for the first time!. Liz Pak (@ourlovelypak) is a parent who shares adorable videos of her two daughters on TikTok. Liz recently shared a video of the moment her 3-year-old daughter, Everly, met her newborn sister, Penelope, for the first time and it’s so heartwarming!. Everly slowly begins walking towards the camera, her steps slightly hesitant, as though she is afraid to make too much noise or scare her newborn sister. Finally, the camera pans over to reveal Penelope, Everly’s new sister!. Everly leans forward to look at her baby sister, then looks up at her mom and smiles shyly. After a moment, Everly walks away from Penelope. At first, it seems as though the toddler has suddenly lost interest in her new sibling, but then she grabs a small stuffed animal and brings it back towards the baby carrier. The video ends as Everly gently lays the stuffed animal onto her new baby sister’s lap. Viewers couldn’t get enough of the adorable siblings and their heartwarming first encounter. “Her gentleness is precious,” one TikToker wrote