Parenting Spotlight: Vanessa Morales

Each month, In The Know by Yahoo is giving everyday parents their time to shine in our exclusive Parenting Spotlight. This month, we're featuring mom and SAG-AFTRA actress Vanessa Morales. What’s the parenting tip that everyone loves, but you think is overrated?. "You should not go outside with your newborn baby". What’s your best parenting advice?. Patience. For first-time parents with a baby on their hands, always remember that they’re just a baby. What would be the title of your memoir?. "Don’t Judge a Book Based on the Chapter You Walk in on". What’s the weirdest thing you plan on saving from your kids' baby- or childhood?. Her placenta. I got it encapsulated and I couldn’t take it. I think I developed some type of allergy; not sure. Still have it in a jar. Which apps could you not live without?. I have a toddler, so Spotify and YouTube. I have a toddler, so Spotify and YouTube. What’s one parenting product you wish you’d bought years ago?. Definitely a nightlight. What’s one life hack you wish you’d learned years ago?. Still trying to figure it out: how to fold clothes as I take it out of the dryer. Who is your favorite celebrity/influencer mom?. My gut/instinct. What is one parenting term you wish you could retire? (ex: “Momtrepreneur”). I hate them all. Just call us SUPERHEROES, please and thank you. What is one “mommy win” you’re super proud of?. Potty training my kid before she turned 2 years old. Read the Oh Crap book. Thank me later