As Paperless as Possible - Empire Legal's George Sourris on the Firm of the Future

QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA / ACCESSWIRE / December 20, 2022 / The future is forever gaining on us - we can't outrun it (nor should we want to!). How do the businesses of today stay ahead of the curve, ensuring they remain relevant in the world of tomorrow? George Sourris, Legal Practice Director and co-founder of the Queensland-based property law firm Empire Legal, reveals how he seeks to keep the legal sector future-oriented and progressive. As a QLD conveyancing law firm, Empire Legal strives to deliver the best customer experience possible throughout the Sunshine State.

Empire Legal, Tuesday, December 20, 2022, Press release picture
Empire Legal, Tuesday, December 20, 2022, Press release picture

'At Empire Legal, we strive to be as tech-friendly as possible but sometimes the legal sector as a whole can be pretty stuck in its old ways and hesitant to embrace new technological developments. On the one hand, we try to set an example with our digital E-conveyancing workflow which showcases the customer convenience of working with new tech such as DocuSign. Not only does it save time, but it makes the journey for the client, banker/broker, real estate and the lawyers more transparent and seamless. I've given advice as one of the few QLD Legal Practitioners selected in the PEXA Members Advisory Council (MAC) for 2022, on the implementations of digital property settlements.'

After starting Empire Legal in 2017 with his business partner Abi Wright (pictured), the Queensland property law firm now has grown into a 20+ team across three office locations statewide (Spring Hill in Brisbane CBD, Manly on Brisbane's Bayside, and Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast). In just a few years, Empire Legal has swiftly become the go-to law firm for anyone buying or selling houses throughout Queensland. George's expertise, however, doesn't stop at property law: next to a Law degree George also holds a dual bachelor's in Information Technology. Brought together, George combines these two strengths to keep the legal sector in the loop concerning relevant tech developments.

'In a way, COVID-19 helped to push the legal sector to keep up with tech developments - it forced us into the virtual. Since the pandemic, almost all of our property conveyancing settlements occur via PEXA! With the electronic settlements PEXA mandate occurring in February 2023, we are excited to see what the tech future holds for the legal property sector!

Going paperless has a lot of benefits: it's faster, safer and more flexible. Therefore, E-conveyancing is often less of a hassle for the clients. In August 2019 the amount of digitally handled settlements had grown by 4.2 times in comparison to 6 months prior. Now that we've begun to embrace this trend, I think it will keep growing stronger!'

Keep looking forward to George and the entire Legal Empire team! Looking to buy or sell property in Queensland? Get in touch with the Empire Legal team through their website!

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