Papa John's is offering a bean-covered 'breakfast pizza' in the U.K.

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Papa John’s is sparking a social media debate with its latest item — largely thanks to the inclusion of one crucial ingredient.

The new product, released exclusively at Papa John’s locations in the U.K., is called the “All Day Breakfast Pizza.”.

it features many of

the staples found in a

traditional English breakfast.

some social users felt that

baked beans didn’t belong

on a pizza at any time of day.

“What are you doing? It all sounds lovely apart from the beans.

Even on a fry up, ensuring appropriate bean separation is crucial

to avoid a soggy breakfast. Bin the beans,” one Twitter user wrote.

Meanwhile, other Twitter users fully embraced the idea, even pressing Papa John’s

to make the item more widely available.

“One criticism: this pizza does not appear to be available in XXL. This is, of course, the greatest travesty of our age!” another user joked

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