Pants from Tom Brady's final game sell at auction for $89,100

The game-used memorabilia craze extends to pants. Especially the pants of a GOAT.

According to Darren Rovell, the pants worn by Tom Brady in his final NFL game recently sold at auction for $89,100. In that game, the Bucs lost to the Cowboys in the wild-card round of the 2022 playoffs.

That's still a far cry from the jersey worn in the same game. That item previously went for $1.39 million.

The only game pants to sell for more were worn by Babe Ruth. His 1921 pair went for $183,500 in 2012. Pants he wore from 1928 to 1932 sold in 2014 for $90,000.

Earlier this year, Brady kicked the door open to the possibility of an in-season return, as an injury replacement. That would presumably undermine the value of the "last game ever" pants — and jersey. And everything else he was wearing during the game that was (at least for now) his final game.

The ball that was his final touchdown pass sold for $518,000 in 2022. And then he unretired and the auction house surprisingly voided the sale.

This time around, anyone who plunks down cash for Brady's last-ever anything knows or should know that Brady still might unretire for a second time.