Panthers trade up to take QB Matt Corral in the 3rd Round | PFF Draft Show

The PFF team discusses the Carolina Panthers selection of Ole Miss QB Matt Corral in the 3rd Round of the 2022 NFL Draft.

Video Transcript

- But Carolina is coming up to get a quarterback. They have to be, right? I mean, what else what else are they going to do?

- They are. It is a quarterback. It's Matt Corral.

- Matt Corral.

- Matt Corral, off the board. QB 4. So Sam Howell is going to be QB 5 we think. Panthers leaving this draft with Ikem Ekwonu and Matt Corral, it's not the worst thing.

- It's better than going Pickett and then a third round at tackle.

- They gave up a 2023 third round pick.

- Yeah. That's New England's doing. They're getting a discount at next year's pick and everything.

- For the Panthers, this is-- look, it's best case scenario.

- Of course it is.

- But this is best case scenario.

- And probably a better draft.

- The Panthers entered this draft with one selection before the fourth round and they have now acquired Ikem Ekwonu and Matt Corral. Say what you want about Matt Corral and this quarterback class. They've gone way later than we thought. But Matt Corral at least gives you a chance to believe in somebody whose name isn't Sam Darnold, which is huge, which is huge for this team.

- Now here's the question. Do they still go out and get somebody? Right, is this enough to say, OK, it's Sam Darnold and Matt Corral. Fight for it. Go get them. Or do they still want to figure out a Jimmy Garoppolo?

Do they still want to pick up a Baker Mayfield, guys that are legitimately better quarterbacks than what they have. I mean, if you're the Carolina Panthers, does this-- because we know that you value Matt Corral as a third round pick probably. Do you feel good enough about going into the season with Sam Darnold and Matt Corral.

- I think they do.

- --rather than a Jimmy Garoppolo or whoever else could be available.

- I think they do.

- Because how are they going to get Jimmy? What are they going to do? I don't think that's in the cards.

- Can't throw next year's three at it, we know that.

- Right. You can't throw next year's three. You're not going to throw next year's two.

- So this is Sam-- this is Sam Darnold's team. Now, if Corral's--

- Or Matt Corral.

- --a prayer to maybe-- to maybe win the job.

- How do we feel about Corral being the choice over Sam Howell?

- That's not where I would have gone.

- I mean, he is older. I worry about he's a one speed thrower. Like he throws lasers and that's been Baker Mayfield's issue. There's no touch throws on his tape. And he's coming from an offense that may be even more gimmicky or it's like less translatable than what even Howell has done or shown less transitional stuff than Howell has done on tape.

Because 60.4% play action rate. I mean, it's just all our RPOs, all play action and all just ID throws. Yeah, he is looking at one guy. That guy is open, that's where I'm going. Is not a lot of quarterbacking. It is almost like shooting, like throwing darts. It's just throwing at a target that he knows is going to be at a certain spot.

So 6'1", 212, little undersized, has already had injury issues. But he is an athlete. He's the kind of guy who, whatever sport he chose I think he could have been good at. But I do just worry about, he hasn't played a lot-- he hasn't quarterbacked.

- We haven't seen him as a thrower.

- He might be really good, I guess. But like when you're talking about, when you take away all these quote unquote schemed out throws and you're left with over a whole season, like 128 throws or 128 drop backs, compared to Kenny Pickett, who had like 440 drop backs in the same year, we just haven't seen it. We just haven't seen it.

I thought he got better last year compared to his first year really starting in 2020. Feet got better, you know tighter footwork. We just don't know. I think that's it's the biggest wild card in the draft is that we just don't know what he's going to look like when he has to run NFL concepts every third down, every second and long, even on first down.