Here are our top 5 NFL schedule announcement videos

NFL teams brought it on schedule release day. While some fans might find the idea of seeing a team’s schedule boring, NFL teams did all they could to spice up the process.

How? It seems like they held an internal competition to see which team could come up with the best idea for a schedule release video.

Teams took different approaches to that challenge. The Chicago Bears relied on their storied history. The Indianapolis Colts gave Andrew Luck some cue cards.

Other teams went the extra mile and produced some inventive, and genuinely hilarious, videos.

We’ve decided to highlight some of the best. Without further ado, here are our picks for the top-5 2019 NFL schedule release videos.

No. 1 Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers are ready to get their game on in 2019. On a day that featured all 32 NFL teams trying to go viral with schedule videos, no one did it better than the Panthers.

How did the Panthers separate themselves from the pack? They managed to reference as many classic video games as possible in a creative — and awesome — video.

Want to know every single video game that was referenced during that video? Thanks to the Panthers, you can do that with a click of a button. The team paired their video with an article explaining which games they included, along with some commentary.

The team didn’t mention that the reveal of the word “schedule” was done to look like the old Sega logo. Anyone who has played Sonic the Hedgehog likely noticed that.

No. 2 Los Angeles Chargers

If any team was going to threaten the Panthers for that top spot, it has to be the Los Angeles Chargers. The team used stock footage to announce its 2019 schedule. While that sounds like a lazy approach, it was actually pretty funny.

Whether you think one video is better than the other likely depends on personal preference. While the Chargers video is more likely to make you laugh, the Panthers clearly put a lot of time and effort into creating graphics and animating them for each video game. That gave Carolina the edge for us, but we admit the Chargers made it tough.

No. 3 Dallas Cowboys

This one is just ... really bizarre. The Dallas Cowboys announced their 2019 schedule with an ASMR video featuring Jerry Jones and Amari Cooper. It was such a strange choice that we have no choice but to respect it.

That doesn’t mean we want to hear Jerry Jones do ASMR ever again. Once is more than enough.

No. 4 Baltimore Ravens

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! And sometimes Thursday and Monday. The Baltimore Ravens came out with a monster truck rally parody that unsurprisingly works really well for a schedule release video.

Credit to the Ravens for working in all the usual clichés you might expect while also coming up with some clever script writing to fill in the gaps.

No. 5 Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns general manager John Dorsey has a good sense of humor about his age. The Browns’ schedule release video wasn’t a traditional one. Sure, you could make it out the full schedule at the end, but most of the video focused on Dorsey pretending it was 1995.

If you’re too young to remember America Online, dot matrix printers and that awful dial-up sound, this probably won’t register for you. If you’re old, you probably enjoyed it.

Honorable mention: Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons didn’t have the most creative video. At least one other team went with a “Game of Thrones” theme. But the team did have the most devastating diss of any of the schedule release videos.

Check out the :41 second mark to see what we’re talking about.

Yeah, that was a ram running over a Saints band member. What happens next? A ref runs in and says there was no foul on the play. Maybe it was the obvious joke, but it still works here.

Jerry Jones Cowboys.
Jerry Jones doing ASMR made our top-5. No, really. (AP Photo)


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