Panthers RB coach Bernie Parmalee shares early impressions of Jonathon Brooks

Although they may be bonded by their own unfortunate experiences, Carolina Panthers running back coach Bernie Parmalee and rookie Jonathon Brooks have made an early connection.

Parmalee spoke about the team’s second-round pick after Tuesday’s outing of team organized activities. He was asked what he saw from Brooks out of college as well as what he’s currently seeing during his transition into the pros.

“Oh shoot, he’s what you want in a back,” Parmalee replied. “I mean, he’s got good size, vision, playmaker, can do it all, position flexibility, plays hard. And when the ball’s in his hand, he makes things happen. So that’s all you ever want for guys in your position.”

Brooks’ move into the NFL isn’t exactly a normal one, as the 20-year-old remains sidelined from practices as he continues to heal from an ACL tear. But that’s a familiar obstacle for Parmalee, who also tore his ACL back in his playing days.

“We bonded that way because I had the right knee, he had the right knee,” he said. “So, I know what you’re thinking. And some of the things by my experience, I say, ‘Don’t think it. Don’t do it.’

“I know what you’re thinking about, but you gotta stay focused—because it’s still a process. As much as our mind says I wanna get out there, your body’s gonna tell you when you can get out there.”

Brooks has previously stated he expects to be out there by training camp.

Story originally appeared on Panthers Wire