Panthers QB Andy Dalton talks about Dave Canales, new offense

New Carolina Panthers head coach Dave Canales is making no bones about what he wants in an offense.

Veteran quarterback Andy Dalton attested to that on Tuesday, following the latest session of team organized activities. But first, he was asked about Canales’ integration into the building.

“I just think from the beginning, Dave has come in and he’s tried to build relationships with everybody as quick as he can,” Dalton said. “It’s been fun for me to get to be around him. Kinda knowing what he’s done, his time in Seattle and obviously last year in Tampa.

“But it’s all about building that personal relationship, and he’s been trying to do that in a lot different ways with a lot of different guys. Obviously, when you’re new and there’s a lot of new faces, it takes a lot. But you can tell how important it is to him.”

A familiar face has come along with Canales, one belonging to offensive coordinator Brad Idzik. The two spent four years together in Seattle and one in Tampa Bay, where Idzik served as the Buccaneers wide receivers coach.

So Dalton, with Canales and his workout pal now at the helm, was then asked about the difference between last year’s offense and this year’s.

“I will say this—and this has nothing to do with last year, this has everything to do with what we’re doing right now—Dave and Brad came in and they know exactly what they want,” he said. “They know what they want it to look like, they know how they wanna install it and they have had a plan from the very beginning and it’s been known.”

Well, that must be refreshing.

Story originally appeared on Panthers Wire