Panthers’ Mock Draft: Will They Fill Their Biggest Needs?

As the NFL Draft approaches, the Carolina Panthers are positioned to strategically enhance their roster through careful selections. With an emphasis on improving their offense and defense, the Panthers’ management has articulated a clear focus on acquiring players who can consistently find the end zone and enhance their defensive playmaking ability. This article delves into a detailed mock draft analysis, identifying potential draft picks who could fulfill these critical roles for the Panthers.


Strategy and Trading Dynamics: Initial Trading Scenario

In a strategic move to optimize their draft positioning, the Panthers engaged in a trade with the New England Patriots. They sent picks 33 and 142 to the Patriots in exchange for picks 34, 103, and a seventh-round selection in 2025. This exchange was driven by the Patriots’ desire to secure Oregon center Jackson Powers-Johnson before anyone else could intervene. This savvy trading strategy by the Panthers not only preserved their high placement in the draft order but also expanded their selection power within the top 103 picks, ensuring they have many opportunities to fill key roster gaps.


Key Offensive Picks: Xavier Legette as a Potential Game Changer

At pick number 34, obtained from the Patriots, the Panthers selected Xavier Legette, a wide receiver from South Carolina. Standing at 6-1 and weighing 221 pounds, Legette’s physical prowess is comparable to that of DK Metcalf, suggesting a high potential for impact. In his notable season with the Gamecocks, he recorded seven touchdown catches and an impressive average of 17.7 yards per catch. His remarkable speed clocked at 22.3 mph against Mississippi State—the fastest in the NCAA or NFL in 2023—highlights his ability to make significant plays. Legette also brings versatility as a dynamic kick returner, further enhancing his value to the Panthers.


Enhancing Fan Engagement

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Brenden Rice’s Engaging Prospect

In the fourth round, with pick 103 from the Patriots, Brenden Rice, a wide receiver from USC, was chosen. Rice, the son of Hall of Fame receiver Jerry Rice, has made headlines not only for his lineage but also for his substantial collegiate performance, which includes tying for ninth in FBS with 12 touchdown receptions in 2023. His connections to Panthers coaches and a charismatic personality make him a compelling addition, particularly with his knack for converting 80 percent of his catches into first downs or touchdowns.


Defensive Acquisitions: Edgerrin Cooper’s Defensive Prowess

With the 39th pick, the Panthers drafted Edgerrin Cooper, a linebacker from Texas A&M. Cooper is known for his keen sense of the football, leading his team in tackles, tackles for loss, sacks, and forced fumbles—a rare feat that points to his potential as a significant contributor to the Panthers’ defensive strategies. His capability to aid in turnovers fits perfectly with the team’s goal to enhance their defensive takeaways.


Mike Sainristil’s Versatility

Selected at pick 65, Mike Sainristil from Michigan brings a unique skill set to the Panthers. Originally a wide receiver, Sainristil transitioned to a defensive role where he excelled as a nickelback and occasionally played outside corner. His six interceptions, two of which he returned for touchdowns, and 12 pass breakups in one season underline his potential to significantly impact the Panthers’ secondary.


Late Round Potential: Cedric Johnson’s Edge Capabilities

In the fifth round, with pick 141 from the Giants, Cedric Johnson, an edge rusher from Ole Miss, was chosen. Johnson’s ability to disrupt the backfield was evident during his sophomore year, and he continued to show potential with 5 1/2 sacks and multiple forced turnovers in his final college season. His physical attributes and raw talent suggest he could develop into an asset for the Panthers’ defensive line.


Ryan Watts’ Special Teams Value

The Panthers’ final pick was Ryan Watts, a defensive back from Texas, at pick 240 from the Steelers. Despite a mixed college career, Watts’ physical measurements and combined performance suggest he could find a role on special teams and potentially as a safety, providing depth and versatility to the Panthers’ roster.


Concluding Thoughts: Assessing Draft Success

The Panthers’ approach to the 2024 NFL Draft highlights their strategic efforts to address both immediate and long-term needs. By selecting players who fill specific roles and possess high upside, the Panthers aim to create a more dynamic and competitive team. The success of these picks will be measured by their ability to integrate into the team’s schemes and contribute to winning games, which remains the goal for the franchise moving forward.

Story originally appeared on Mountain West Wire