Panthers HC Dave Canales asked about absent players during OTAs

Despite the new and exciting vision for the Carolina Panthers, they have yet to be joined by some of their new and exciting players. But as of now, head coach Dave Canales knows he can only do so much about it.

The third week of team organized activities resumed without the likes of a few notable names—specifically outside linebackers Jadeveon Clowney and K’Lavon Chaisson as well as kicker Eddy Piñeiro. Canales, who spoke with reporters following today’s session, was asked if he’s been in contact with any of them.

“I have not asked them,” he said of their whereabouts. “What I don’t wanna do is I don’t wanna send a message that I’m pressuring them to be here at all. This is voluntary. But what I have done is kinda reached out and touched base with them and makin’ sure they’re doin’ alright and just kinda hearin’ what their life has looked like.

“That’s what I’m concerned with is that during this time—we don’t just have this huge personal absence of just not connecting. And from the reports I’ve got, the coaches have also had a chance to reach out and connect with guys–just to let them know that something good is happening here. I just don’t want them to come back in with us and just not have a feel for the whole thing and what’s happening.”

Mandatory minicamp, which is not “voluntary,” is set to run starting next week—from June 11 to June 13.

Story originally appeared on Panthers Wire