Panthers great Cam Newton challenges Skip Bayless to high-stakes shootout

Carolina Panthers great Cam Newton just took his friendly feud with larger-than-life sports personality Skip Bayless a step further.

With the two seemingly on the verge of setting up a 3-point shootout, the NFL’s former Most Valuable Player laid down a pretty serious stipulation in response to Bayless’ recent challenge.

Here’s the clip of Cam’s conditions from Friday’s episode of 4th & 1 with Cam Newton:

In case you missed it, Bayless may have attempted to strike some fear into Newton (we think) by posting a . . . um . . . nicely-edited video of his latest shooting sesh this past week:

This (obviously) isn’t the first time Skip has hit the hardwood. Bayless actually played high school ball at Northwest Classen in Oklahoma City, Okla.—where he averaged 1.4 points per game during the 1970 season.

Newton isn’t a stranger to the game either. While he may not have a sick highlight heel like Skip’s, Cam did star in Auburn’s intramural basketball league upon a return to his alma mater in 2013.

So, it seems the ball is now in Skip’s court.

Story originally appeared on Panthers Wire