Panthers fall to Ashland in OT

Jan. 7—The Kentucky Wesleyan College men's basketball team rallied from an eight-point deficit in the final minutes to force overtime, but Ashland pulled away down the stretch to take an 81-77 conference win over the Panthers Saturday at the Sportscenter.

The loss dropped KWC to 9-4 overall and 4-2 in G-MAC play.

kAm%96 t28=6D' ':4E@C $62C=D D4@C65 E@ 8:G6 9:D E62> 2 f_\ea 25G2?E286 H:E9 bi" C6>2:?:?8 :? C68F=2E:@?[ 3FE (6D=6J2? 925 2? 2?DH6C] u@C>6C qC64:?FE6 =2E6C[ 2?5 |:E496== AFE E96 7:?:D9:?8 E@F496D @? E96 4@>6324H:E9 2 82>6\EJ:?8 b H:E9:? E96 7:?2= >:?FE6]k^Am

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kAmkDEC@?8mz6?EF4<J (6D=6J2? WffXk^DEC@?8m — u6C?2?56K 'e[ |4x?E:C6 'b[ y@?6D 'a[ |:=6D "[ vC2J h[ |:E496== e[ !6E6CD@? e[ #2<:4 c]k^Am