Panthers coaches talk about the importance of having Jaycee Horn at OTAs

Unfortunately for the Carolina Panthers, they haven’t had Jaycee Horn at their disposal much over his three-year NFL career. But they’re hoping Year No. 4 is different for the standout cornerback, who does make his presence known when he’s healthy.

Head coach Dave Canales spoke with reporters following today’s outing of team organized activities. He was asked about the importance of having Horn on the practice field.

“It’s been really great just to have him out there,” Canales said. “We’re being really smart about how we transition him in, especially during this phase. But when he’s out there—I think the cool part I didn’t know about Jaycee, which has been fun for me to see—is he’s vocal. And he loves to talk and he loves to kinda bring that edge and that energy.

“Defense makes a couple of good plays and Jaycee’s kinda lettin’ everybody know. And I think it’s just a really cool part of the personality of this team that I’m looking forward to. And Jaycee, he feels like he’s in a really good place.”

Jaycee hasn’t been in a really good place, at least health-wise, since entering the league. The 2021 eighth overall pick has dealt with numerous injuries and already missed 29 of a possible 52 games.

The 22 games he has played in, however, have shown how effective he can be—something defensive passing game coordinator Jonathan Cooley made note of on Tuesday.

“I think having Jaycee—like, a player like that—he affects a lot of people around him,” Cooley replied. “So it allows us to put more pressure on him, to take away one side of the field and it allows other guys to grow within a role that we can see express. You don’t have a lot of guys that are blessed with what he has in his body and if he’s available, he’s one of the best.”

Story originally appeared on Panthers Wire