Panther Group Taps Into Emerging Family-Owned Offices with Launch of the Family Office Cannabis Investment Club

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More and more cannabis startups and newly established companies are looking for business guidance in what is becoming an increasingly complicated and crowded industry that's estimated to be worth $61 billion in the United States alone.

The Panther Group, a venture capital advisory firm helping investors and growth-stage cannabis companies, has launched a new program specifically focused on assisting family offices to invest in the cannabis businesses.

The Panther Group has partnered with the Family Office Networks (FON) to open the exclusive Family Office Cannabis Investment Club, a membership-only group designed to help family offices and other ultra-high net worth investors. The goal is to get participants unique access to deal flow and due diligence information on private and public cannabis transactions and funding opportunities.

"As FON continues to add member benefits and dedicated resources to create additional value for its members in new and emerging industry sectors, cannabis is certainly at the forefront," said Jordan Tritt, Panther Group CEO and co-founder of the Family Office Cannabis Investment Club. "We are seeing incredible deal flow and are available to help families vet investment opportunities and identify unique new opportunities. There is an adage that says, ‘Some of the best deals you do are the ones you don't do,' and that is true right now in the cannabis sector."

The club, which kicked off earlier this summer, is focused on educating and informing members of deals, rules and regulations. Members participate in meetings twice a month throughout the year.

Since 2014, Panther Group has been raising capital and elevating its influence in the cannabis industry as it develops increasingly strong ties with significant cannabis brands, investors and venture capitalists. The company now provides deal access and information for more than 20 different sectors of the industry.

Because the Panther Group has established a reputation for being on the front end of industry trends, the new focus on family offices should come as no surprise, according to Family Office Cannabis Investment Club founder Andrew Schneider.

"The number of family offices has quintupled in the last 5 years, and many of them are looking for small, exclusive investment clubs," Schneider said. "Our new club focuses on helping these families compare notes about top-tier cannabis deals — often for co-investment with other families. Together we are able to share the cost of due diligence and negotiate better terms."

In addition to the new club, FON also is opening up to 10 additional investment clubs focused on fintech, women's investment, crypto and digital assets, and real estate in New York City and Palm Beach, Florida. Issuers can inquire about participating in Family Office Networks' exclusive new investment clubs since families continually seek exposure to new offerings. To learn more, go to

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