Panda Global strengthens anime FGC roster, adding SuperKawaiiDesu and re-signing MarlinPie

Kyohei 'MarlinPie' Lehr
Kyohei ‘MarlinPie’ Lehr (Stephanie Lindgren)

Panda Global has announced the signing of BlazBlue player Jachin “SuperKawaiiDesu” Harte and the re-signing of Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator player Kyohei “MarlinPie” Lehr.

SuperKawaiiDesu (SKD) is considered the best BlazBlue player in North America (and maybe the world) after winning a BlazBlue side event at Evo 2015. SKD’s signing comes in time for him to compete in BlazBlue: Central Fiction at Evo 2017.

MarlinPie joined Panda Global in April 2016. He finished in multiple top 8s in Guilty Gear in 2016, including winning Toryuken 5, finishing second at Combo Breaker, third at CEO 2016, and seventh at Evo 2016.

“Panda Global has always been dedicated to being an FGC team and the FGC is much more than just Street Fighter and Marvel. Anime games have been a staple of the community for many years and they are finally getting the spotlight they deserve,” Panda Global CEO Alan Bunney MD told Yahoo Esports.

“With bringing on SKD and keeping MarlinPie on board, PG wants people to know that as long as you stay passionate about your game or scene, great things are sure to come. We’re proud to have the strongest names in the Anime FGC on board with us!”

BlazBlue: Central Fiction makes its main stage return to Evo 2017 after two years away. Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 will also be one of the marquee titles for the grand slam FGC event, joining Street Fighter V, Tekken 7, and more.

In related news, Ryan “Filipino Champ” Ramirez recently left Panda Global to sign with Splyce.

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