Panda Global releases second part of top 50 Smash 4 player rankings

Panda Global Rankings top 50 Smash 4 players
(Image: Panda Global)

Panda Global has released the second part of its top 50 Smash 4 player rankings.

The latest addition to the list covers players ranked from Nos. 40 to 31, and includes the list’s first Japanese players.

Rosalina player Chris “Falln” Rugg ranks 40th with 17th- and 25th-place finishes at CEO 2015 and Evo 2015, respectively. One of his listed notable victories came against the 34th-best Smash 4 player, Counter Logic Gaming’s Tyrell “NAKAT” Coleman.

Nietono #32 top 50 Smash player
(Image: Panda Global)

Japanese players haven’t dominated the Smash 4 scene like they have in many fighting games, but Nos. 33 and 32, Earth and Nietono, respectively, have impressive results. Earth, who plays Pit, recently came in 13th place at Genesis 3, while Diddy Kong player Nietono finished in fifth place last year at Apex and in 25th at Genesis 3.

Part 2 of the list closes out with No. 31, Manny “All Might” Medina, or Static Manny. He’s the first player on the list to have as high as ninth-place finishes in multiple events, including CEO 2015 and Evo 2015.

Here’s Panda Global’s breakdown of the rankings:

Panda Global released the first part of the top 50 Smash 4 players on Wednesday. Part 3 is expected to be released Monday and the list will conclude Wednesday.

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