Panda Global announces Heroes of the Storm pick-up league

Dylan Walker
(Panda Global)
(Panda Global)

Panda Global will be launching a new in-house competitive ladder next month for Heroes of the Storm players.

Dubbed the “Panda Pro Ladder,” the new pick-up league will invite every player that competed offline during both the Summer and Fall circuit as well as all 500 players currently ranked Grandmaster.

At the end of six weeks, the top point earners based on the client side matchmaking rating will win peripherals and gear from PG sponsors.

PPL games will be featured weekly on PG’s twitch channel and will act as an open opportunity for amateur casters to step up and hone their craft.

“We’ve been planning this project for a while and it’s finally shaping up,” said David Wu, founder of Panda Global. “We hope this will bridge the gap between amateur players and the professional scene, helping new teams and players find a place, and pushing the NA meta further.”

PG is looking for volunteers to help moderate the PPL forums. You can find more information about the open staff positions and how to apply on Panda Global’s website.

Dylan Walker is on Twitter @dyluuxx

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