Palm Bay considering courting a USA BMX facility to transform 'The Compound'

PALM BAY, Fla. - An undeveloped area of Palm Bay known as The Compound could see changes as city leaders seriously consider steps to lure a USA BMX facility to the land.

This is in the early stages right now, but meetings are underway with city officials, the tourism council, and the USA BMX organization.

Council member Kenny Johnson brought this up at the last city council meeting. He wants the city to prioritize improving the area and bringing a new sport to the county.

"I think this is a hook, line, sinker," said Council member Johnson at Thursday’s meeting.

"They have a really good program," added city manager Suzanne Sherman.

"Anything positive coming to the compound, I want," said fellow council member Donny Felix after hearing about the potential partnership.

Palm Bay city leaders seemed very supportive of the possibility of bringing a USA BMX facility to the city at their latest city council meeting.


"It’s something that can really bring something of an asset instead of a liability to the compound," said Johnson.

USA BMX is the nation’s largest cycling organization, with 300 tracks in the U.S. and Canada.

They’ve wanted to break into Brevard County for a while now.

"We had people that lived in Brevard County that were tired of driving to Orlando or Daytona. They wanted a local track," said Justin Travis, the Director of Business Development for the USA BMX.

His organization is already building an all-wheel park in Port St. Lucie right now for bikes, skateboards and scooters.

That’s an idea of what the city manager would like to see come to Palm Bay.

"It would be a full park development," added Sherman.

Everyone's goal is to keep crime tape out of the compound and create a safe space for families, which will set Palm Bay up for success.

FOX 35’s Esther Bower asked Travis how he would feel if his organization could transform the space.

"That’s a dream scenario," he said. "BMX is a family sport. The families can do it together, which is excellent."

The Palm Bay Police Department is also working to prevent crime in the compound. Just this weekend, they had to break up a large gathering with hundreds of dirt bikes and other vehicles, causing problems.

Officers said they're increasing patrols to prevent that from happening again. This possible partnership could be a big step toward changing the compound.