Paige Craig updates social media followers on Christian Craig elbow surgery with behind-scenes look

Paige Christian provided updates on Christian Craig's elbow surgery via social media earlier this week, revealing personal insight of what goes on behind the scenes after a Monster Energy Supercross injury.

"I'm off to the fourth and final elbow surgery for Christian," Paige said on TikTok. "He's already there. We have a babysitter at the house and I'm on my way. I hate elbows, screw elbows — everything about elbows can just shove it."

On her TikTok, Paige posted a pair of videos of her and Christian's experiences, showing him before the surgery in one video as he considers which races he should attend while still injured.

For Christian, the frontrunners are Nashville because he wants to see the first 250 East / West Showdown and the inaugural race in Philadelphia. Fans should head to her account to make their feelings known.

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In one of the videos, Paige gets an update from the medical staff.

"[It was] good," the doctor said. "There was scar tissue like crazy in there, which the fourth time going in there isn't totally surprising."

After the successful surgery, the end of the video shows Christian on his way home to start his recovery.

Days earlier, Paige took to Instagram to detail the challenges related to dirt bike injuries.

"I can’t even count how many trials dirtbikes have given us over the years but after every single thing that has happened, I’ve been able to figure out why we needed to go through that to get to where we were," Paige wrote before Wednesday’s surgery, referencing the consequences of his 2023 injury. "What’s different about this elbow injury is that I haven’t been able to do that, at least not yet. There doesn’t seem to be some silver lining to all this and it’s almost been a year. I’m sure one day it will come but I hate that I don’t know “why” right now.

"I hate that I have had no control over this, hate that I’ve lost so much trust in professionals, and I hate how much stress it’s brought into our home. We will be ok and I don’t mean to be so dramatic but I feel like people need to know the mental toll this sport brings. It’s absolutely draining at times. Christian will be getting his 4th elbow surgery on Wednesday so we will update you on what was done! In the mean time, give these riders some grace. They all work their asses off and suffer so many battles no one knows anything about."

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