Packers’ De’Vondre Campbell has top tackle rating among LBs in ‘Madden NFL 23’

Give the ratings adjusters at “Madden NFL 23” some credit: They got De’Vondre Campbell’s tackle rating exactly right for this year’s game.

After an All-Pro season in which he finished off all but a handful of tackle attempts, Campbell’s tackle rating in “Madden” is 97 overall, which leads all linebackers in the game.

The virtual version of No. 59 will now be making tackles all over the field for the Packers.

EA Sports was obviously paying attention to Campbell’s first season in Green Bay. According to Pro Football Focus, Campbell missed just four tackles and had a missed tackle percentage of just 2.9, the best among linebackers over the last two seasons.

Campbell is 87 overall, good for ninth best at the position. He also has 91 pursuit, 87 play recognition, 81 hit power, 87 acceleration and 85 speed.

Here are the best tacklers among linebackers in “Madden NFL 23”:

Here is Campbell’s quote tweet, in which he says he takes great pride in being a top tackler:

Campbell has always been one of the best tacklers. Now, he has the All-Pro and Madden recognition to show for it.


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