Packers varsity soccer wins in overtime

Mar. 4—MOULTRIE — With about 2:30 left in overtime play, Derrick Espinoza sent the ball sailing over the goalie's fingertips in the top right corner of the goal to put the Packers in the lead.

This would be the only goal scored during those extra 20 minutes, and the Packers won 2-1 in their home region match against Camden County Friday night.

Undefeated in region play, the Packers are currently sitting first seed at 2-0. They are 7-1-1 overall.

The Lady Packers lost their match against Camden County 8-0 and are now in fourth seed in the region at 0-2. They are 1-7-1 overall.

During the Lady Packer match three athletes utilized their heads to clear the ball: Krystal Guerrero, Vanessa Torres and Eidi Gachuz.

Also clearing the ball were: Carolina Brown, Jennifer Cano, Jaida Gachez and Anna-Lee Vaughan.

Between both Lady Packer goalies, Rhylee Tilley and Marley Ocampo, a total of 14 Camden County shots were stopped.

When the Packers faced Camden County it was an even match and no goals were scored until about midway through the second half.

Camden County was the first team to get on the scoreboard via an indirect kick directly outside the goal box; however, the Packers didn't take long to return the favor.

With 15 minutes left in regular play, eight minutes after the Camden County goal, Uziel Garcia-Diaz sent a long pass upfield to Turner McDaniel, who was way outside on the right wing.

\Mimicking a corner kick, McDaniel sent the ball into midfield to Christian Mata, who was inside the penalty kick box with the goalie and several defenders.

Getting first touch with his head, Mata sent the ball to the back of the goal to tie the game.

Those last 15 minutes played out fiercely, but neither team was able to gain the advantage.The Packers took a total of 36 shots during the game that didn't result in additional points.

Because Camden County is a region team, the game is unable to end in a tie; therefore, each coach prepared their teams for the two 10 minute halves.

Defensively, the Packers stayed fierce through the entire game.

Seven other players besides Mata used their heads to send the ball upfield: Hudson Glenn, Espinoza, Oswaldo Leon, Mario Portillo, Joshua Ramirez, Luis Mejia and Garcia-Diaz.

Keeping the ball away from Packer territory with long, well executed passes, were: Glenn, Leon, Espinoza, Garcia-Diaz, Cason Haskins and Portillo.

Banks Flowers, Ramirez and Portillo all used the side tackle to slow Camden County down.

The Packers and Lady Packers next travel to Valdosta on Tuesday for their third region match of the season. The first game begins at 5:30 p.m., with the second started directly afterward.