Packers soccer senior players honored before Tift game

Apr. 10—MOULTRIE — As the 2024 regular season draws toward its conclusion, the varsity soccer Packer players during Tuesday's game against Tift County.

Of the 25 athletes on the roster, 12 of them will be graduating from Colquitt County High School at the end of this academic year.

Between the Lady Packers' and Packers' soccer games, senior night commenced and each Packer was escorted down the midfield line and each of their contributions to the program were celebrated.

Of those 12 athletes who are ending their final season as a Packer, seven of them has been playing together for the last six years.

No. 17, Hudson Glenn was escorted by Caroline and Sonny Glenn.

With plans to major in business, Glenn will continue his academic career at the University of West Georgia.

Borrowed from the character Ted Lasso, Glenn's words of wisdom to pass to the next generation of players are, "be a goldfish."

Also in the program for six years has been Dierick Espinoza, who was escorted by Aracely Gomez.

Sporting jersey No. 25, Espinoza plans to attend Valdosta State University to major in health science.

Going undefeated in back to back seasons his 7th and 8th grade seasons is Espinoza's fondest memory while being a Packer.

No. 12, Luis Mejia, was another Packer who has been in the program for six years.

Escorted by Cesar and Genoveva Mejia, Luis is going to miss the long bus rides and playing pranks on his teammates.

Looking to the future, Luis plans to major in Business at Valdosta State University.

Sixth-season player Alexis Villeda, who wears No. 8, believes you will never know what you're capable of until you take the first step and go for it.

Villeda has plans to attend Tulsa Welding School and has escorted by Alejandro Villeda and Esperanza Santiago.

Braulio Garcia and Idelfonza Diaz Zarate escorted No. 16, Netaim Yajdiel Garcia, who is one of the final Packer to play for the past six years.

Glad he was able to experience playing on the same field as his younger brother, Garcia plans to stay local after graduation and attend Southern Regional Technical College to pursue a career as a power line technician.

Thomas Preza, who was escorted by Thomas Preza and Diana Vasques, also has six years experience as Packer.

Preza will attend Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College with the goal to obtain a business degree.

Winning the region championship for the 2023 season — along with a plethora of other Packer athletes — was Press's favorite memory.

Finally, Oswaldo Leon was the final Packer who has played for the last 6 years.

Leon was escorted by Rosa Cruz and Ubaldo Leon, and he plans to learn the trade of welding at the Mechanical trade Institute.

It is a constant quest to try to be better today than you were yesterday was what Leon want to leave as his words of wisdom.

Though they weren't in the program for as long, all remaining seniors still played a crucial role.

Mario Portillo played as a Packer for three years.

Escorted by Heidy Velasquez and Marlon Portilo, Mario plans to enlist in the United State Marien Corps.

Mario's fondest memories is the bus rides to and from away games.

Talent is important but it is the effort that determines the level of your success —this was Kevin Hernandez's, jersey No. 2, answer when asked what his words of wisdom were.

Guadalupe and Fernando Hernandez escorted Kevin who has a dream of becoming a welder and has only been in the soccer program for thee years.

Four years is how long Wilson Hulett has been involved in the CCHS soccer program, who was escorted by Love Beamon and Mark Hulett.

Planning to continue his education at SRTC, Hulett is seeking a career in physical therapy.

Saving a penalty kick as goalkeeper during the Lownes game his first year of JV was Hulett's favorite memory in the program.

Lastly, the final Packer athlete who will be graduating this year is Irineo Martinez.

Escorted by Marcus Lopez and Myra Garza, Martinez was excited to have his brother coach his during his senior year.

Having played in the program for the past four years, Martinez will stay in Colquitt County with plans to attend SRTC in the welding program.

Addressing all seniors, head coach Colby Simpson thanks everyone for their belief in the program and unwavering dedication.