Packers QB Jordan Love takes blame for botched QB sneak during loss to Falcons

Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love took all the blame for a botched quarterback sneak that led to a false start penalty and a crucial punt late in his team’s 25-24 loss to the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday.

On 4th-and-1 with 6:49 left in the fourth quarter, Love and the Packers offense lined up to go for it from their own 34-yard line. Two options were available: Attempting to draw the Falcons offsides before calling timeout, or Love checking to the sneak and attempting to gain the first down.

A mixup led to Love going for the sneak without first getting the snap. While coach Matt LaFleur said he thought Love made the check, the quarterback specified what happened.

Love said he checked to the sneak but used the wrong word for the check, so center Josh Myers and the rest of the offensive line didn’t know Love actually wanted the sneak.

“I messed that operation up,” Love said. “I said the wrong thing. It’s not a play until I give the ‘live’ word. I gave the wrong live word…just messed it up.”

The 5-yard penalty forced LaFleur to punt, and the Falcons got the ball back and drove the field for the game-winning points. Suddenly down 25-24, Love threw incomplete on four straight passes to end the contest.

“It comes down to execution and being better in the fourth quarter,” Love said.

The Packers led 24-12 entering the fourth quarter but gave up 13 straight points. Love, despite throwing three touchdown passes and not having a turnover overall, was 0-for-6 passing over three drives in the fourth quarter.

Story originally appeared on Packers Wire