Packers offered two draft picks for Bears' receiver Chase Claypool

Packers offered two draft picks for Chase Claypool originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

The Green Bay Packers offered the Pittsburgh Steelers their 2023 second-round pick and a late-round pick for Bears wide receiver Chase Claypool, according to ESPN.

Despite the Packers offering more picks than the Bears, the Steelers believe the Packers can turn around their season and make the playoffs, making their second-round pick less valuable than the Bears', according to the report.

Ultimately, the Bears received Claypool for their own second-round pick in the upcoming draft. However, they have the Ravens' second-round pick, so they won't be out of a selection in the round.

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The Packers also tried to trade for Las Vegas Raiders tight end Darren Waller, sources told ESPN. They attempted to trade for him when they sent Davantae Adams there, but the Raiders declined to involve Waller in the trade.

Green Bay remained silent at the deadline, despite including themselves in multiple trade discussions.

The Bears, on the other hand, cleared out Robert Quinn and Roquan Smith for draft picks, while acquiring Claypool to add to their pass-catching group.

Claypool practiced as a Bear for the first time last week and made his debut on Sunday. He got busy early, with Luke Getsy including him in screens where he can use his athleticism to get by defenders.

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