Packers get their guy at No. 13 in Van Ness

Lukas Van Ness may not have started at Iowa, but he brings the abilities on the defensive line that can help the Green Bay Packers’ defense.

Video Transcript

- So as part of the Aaron Rodgers trade, the Green Bay Packers picked up selection number 13. A flip-flop of 13 and 15 with the New York Jets, and with that selection, the Packers bolster their defensive. Line Lukas Van Ness, an Iowa player who never actually started a game for the Cornhuskers, now enters a rotation where he can play inside. He can play outside. He's ridiculously strong. We interviewed him at the Scouting Combine, seems like a guy who truly gets it, understands the sport, ready to come in and contribute, except the fact that the pecking order in Iowa kept him on the bench. Didn't have a problem with it.

And now a Packers defense that has been a problem in recent years, gets a little bit better if Van Ness can deliver. One of the realities of draft night, we don't know who's going to work out and who isn't. Teams make their projections. The Packers making their projection at number 13, maybe recognizing if they stayed at 15, the New England Patriots may have taken the versatile Van Ness at 14. So by jumping up by one, the Packers ensure they get the guy they wanted, and, indeed they did. Lukas Van Ness to Green Bay.