Packers coach Matt LaFleur praises Mitch Trubisky ahead of Week 15 showdown

Bryan Perez
NBC Sports Chicago

Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky has been everything Chicago has longed for from a quarterback over the last two weeks. His stretch of solid games extends beyond Weeks 13 and 14, but his performance against the Lions on Thanksgiving Day and last Thursday's dual-threat demolition of the Cowboys were franchise-quarterback quality.

Trubisky is hot right now. And there's no better time for the Bears to have their quarterback dishing dimes than entering 'Packers week'. 

"I just think he's playing at a really high level right now," Packers coach Matt LaFleur said Wednesday. "They rolled up a pretty good number on a pretty solid Dallas defense. He just looks decisive, if it's not there he's using his legs a little bit more, so we're gonna have to be extremely disciplined in our rush lanes and make sure we keep eyes on him at all times because he's a talented guy and if it's not there on schedule, he can really hurt you with his legs."

That part about Trubisky using his legs? It's an aspect of his game (a big one) that's been missing almost all year until he uncorked 63 rushing yards against Dallas. To put his season in perspective, Trubisky didn't total 63 rushing yards between Weeks 8 and 13 combined! 

So, yeah, getting his legs going is a huge reason he had so much success against a solid Cowboys defense.

Despite a 7-6 record and a level of play that's fallen short of expectations this season for Trubisky and the entire Bears organization, LaFleur still has obvious respect for what Chicago is capable of. They've proven over the last three games that they're still an extremely talented roster that's more than worthy of being one of the six NFC playoff teams.

And while the Packers are the squad with 10 wins and eyes set on an NFC North title, LaFleur knows how challenging Week 15 will be.

"I think we all know what's kinda on the line here, in terms of you got a team that's really hungry right now, and they're talented and they're on a roll. They're going to be coming in here with a lot of confidence, they took it to us a little bit last game, so I think our guys, their minds are in the right place and they'll be ready to play.


"We know it's going to be a tough-ass game, and we better get our minds right, our bodies right, ready to go."

Packers coach Matt LaFleur praises Mitch Trubisky ahead of Week 15 showdown originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

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