Packers' big offseason thing: Stop somebody

Yahoo Sports' Jason Fitz looks at the one big thing for Green Bay's offseason - get the defensive output to match the offense, which shined in the second half of the 2023 season.

Video Transcript

JASON FITZ: It's time to look at one big thing facing the Green Bay Packers this offseason. And that's can the defense rise to the level of the offense? Think about what we saw in the playoffs and how remarkable that was, compared to where this thing started.

When the season started, Jordan Love had some moments that were forgettable, the Monday Night game against the Raiders particularly. Some decision-making there cost them a football game. I talked to Jordan Love at the Super Bowl about the amount of doubters and the noise midway through the season. He made it clear he heard it, and he loved shutting everybody up.

And shut everybody up he did. By the time we got to the playoffs, this Packers offense was cooking. Remember when the concept was they didn't have enough weapons for Aaron Rodgers? Well, they certainly don't look like they lack weapons right now. Now they've got some salary cap things they're going to have to figure out, might want a little help on the offensive line.

But that's not their big question. The big question is, can a new defensive coordinator bring a new energy to a defense that, frankly, was the problem. I cannot believe that only one year after Aaron Rodgers, we're sitting here saying, hey, quarterback position is fine. But it looks like it might be. I'd like to see more from Jordan Love before I completely anoint him the third coming in a row for the Packers.

But realistically, even if Jordan Love continues to play throughout the course of the entire next season the way he played in the playoffs, if that defense can't start stopping people, they don't stand a chance. A new coordinator is a good step in the right direction. But the Packers are going to have to look at this roster and figure out if they've got the players on the defensive side of the ball to be able to stop teams from scoring.

Until they can get that figured out I'm not sure they can take the next step. If they do get that figured out, Green Bay could absolutely be in the Super Bowl next year.