Packers added Edgerrin Cooper after trading final pick from Aaron Rodgers trade

The final bow has been put on the trade that sent quarterback Aaron Rodgers from the Packers to the Jets last season.

Green Bay came into the 2024 draft with the Jets' second-round pick, but they wound up dealing away the selection — No. 41 — to the Saints for the 45th, 168th and 190th picks. They took linebacker Edgerrin Cooper at No. 45 and then traded the 168th pick to the Bills to move up five spots to select center Jacob Monk.

The Packers then traded the 190th pick to the Jets and the Jets traded it to the Eagles for the 171st pick. They took former Florida State quarterback Jordan Travis at that spot.

Rodgers, the 15th and 170th picks in the 2023 draft went to the Jets for the 13th, 42nd, and 207th picks in 2023 as well as the 2024 second-rounder. The Jets took edge rusher Will McDonald at No. 15 and traded the other pick. The Packers added edge rusher Lukas Van Ness, tight end Luke Musgrave, and kicker Anders Carlson with their 2023 picks.