Packer soccer dominates first region game, wins 8-0

Feb. 26—MOULTRIE — Bryan Ortiz broke away from the defense and then maneuvered around the goalie to have an unprotected net to gently tap the ball into to score the final goal before halftime.

That was the fourth goal for the Packers during their match against Lowndes Friday night.

By the end of the game, the Packers added three more to the scoreboard and shutdown Lowndes every time.

In the first region game of the season, the Packers won 7-0. This also raises the Packers consecutive winning streak to five.

The Lady Packers lost their region game against Lowndes 8-0.

"Our communication was really good tonight," said assistant coach Marcus Lopez. "We are getting better at our one and two touch passes."

Two of the seven goals were accomplished using those quick passes. Mata is the Packer who had the final touch on both of them.

The first was during the initial half when he received the ball from Jessie Guerrero, and the second was a pass from Joshua Ramirez midway through the final half.

Getting the first goal of the game five minutes in was Dierick Espinoza with a quick tap in after Christian Mata put the ball in play via a corner kick.

Another goal that was the direct product of restarting play was during the second half. Lowndes fouled on their side near the midfield line giving the Packers an indirect kick.

Hudson Glenn sent the ball the remainder of the distance to the goal and Ortiz both made the required touch and redirected the shot just out of reach of the keeper's outstretched fingertips.

The final two goals were both from a headbutt. Hudson Glenn and Oritz were the Packers who used their noggins as the final touch.

The Packers held possession for the majority of the game giving their defense a lighter game.

During the 80 minutes of play, Packers goalkeepers Navi Rodriguez and Wilson Hulett only saw five shots attempts where they had to intervene.

Helping keep the ball in Packer possession by clearing it downfield were: Glenn, Uziel Garcia-Diaz, Mario Portillo, Banks Flowers, Irineo Daniel Martinez and Christian Nunez.

Several slide tackles were also successful throughout the game, coming from: Luis Mejia Garcia-Diaz and Flowers.

"We are still progressing," said Lopez. "Just playing one game at a time."

Though the Lady Packers didn't come away with a victory, they played hard the entire game.

"I will say this, they never give up," said Carlos Bautista. "They do everything asked for them, and the continue to play hard the whole 80 minutes no matter what the scoreboard says."

Several shot attempts were made by the Lady Packers, but the Lowndes goalkeeper managed to snag every one of them from the air.

"We just have to keep working," said head coach Carlos Bautista. "We are a young team."

Both the Packers and Lady Packers will have a big rival game on Tuesday when they travel to Tift County.

The next home game is Friday Match 1 with the next region match against Camden County.