Pacers’ Roy Hibbert nearly wore a monocle to his post-Game 3 press conference

Followers of our blog and other blogs have long been aware that Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert is a very funny dude with very funny friends. One of those friends, comedian/writer/actress Chelsea Peretti, welcomed Hibbert to her podcast, "Call Chelsea Peretti," back in December to discuss topics ranging from youth-focused TV programs of the 1990s to next-level fashion options for NBA players of the 2010s.

In the interest of starting "something new here," Hibbert told Peretti he was ready to step his facial accessory game way the heck up.

"[...] you have to have some sort of eyewear, and I’m going with the monocle," Hibbert said on the podcast, as transcribed by Hardwood Paroxysm's Ananth Pandian. "I would be the first one to rock a monocle, like Mr. Peanut or the 'Monopoly' guy."

After Peretti noted the impracticality of in-game monocle-wearing ("I think that would inhibit your ball play. Wouldn’t you have to hold the monocle? You would get ejected from games"), she suggested he just adopt the affectation during press conferences.

"Yeah, I’m all for it," Hibbert said.

If you thought that was all just a killer bit, well, think again, smart guy. A full five months after the fact, Hibbert really is about that monocle life, going so far as to bring the lens with him to the podium for his chat after the Pacers' Game 3 win over the New York Knicks:

As you can see in the video below, however, he didn't pop it in for his presser:

Hibbert said he decided against it after consulting with teammate Paul George and Pacers director of media relations David Benner. To which I say: Shame on you, Paul George and David Benner. Shame on you.

Podcast pal Peretti was, of course, quite pleased by the news:

... even if we didn't get the opportunity to see what it looked like in real life. We're just going to have to continue relying on the illustration made by Hardwood Paroxysm's Tim Severson back in December:

Or, y'know, maybe just wait until Tuesday night's Game 4. Because if Hibbert continues to dominate the Knicks both defensively and on the offensive end, as he did en route to 24 points and 12 rebounds in a convincing Game 3 win that gave Indiana a 2-1 lead over New York in their best-of-seven Eastern Conference semifinals series, then I'm pretty sure he can wear whatever the heck he wants, no matter what his well-intentioned teammates and colleagues say.

Hat tip to the great Lang Whitaker of's All Ball blog.