Pacers assistant Brian Shaw tells refs ‘Ball don’t lie’ after Ray Allen misses technical free throw

Early in the second quarter of Game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals between the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers, Indy reserve Sam Young was called for a foul while guarding Heat star LeBron James. Young wasn't thrilled about the ticky-tack foul; the swingman swung his arm down in frustration and connected with the ball after the whistle. James was holding the basketball, and he didn't appreciate the swinging. The two briefly had words, and the referees assessed Young a technical foul.

Well, Pacers associate head coach Brian Shaw didn't much care for that call, and he let the officials know it while Ray Allen strode to the line to shoot the technical free throw. As Allen made the shot, Shaw was assessed a technical foul of his own, putting Allen back at the stripe — but this time, the vaunted sharpshooter missed. And when that happened, Shaw knew just what to say:

You know, I've always liked that Brian Shaw.

And in case you're wondering: Yes, he played with Rasheed Wallace ... for one game in 1999. Clearly, one needn't be around Sheed for very long for him to have a life-changing impact.

After a very tightly officiated second quarter that featured 22 personal foul calls, the Pacers went into intermission with a 53-47 lead.

If the clip above isn't rocking for you, please feel free to check out the bench bellow elsewhere, thanks to our dude @cjzero.

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