As Pac-12 searches for media deal, one wonders what plans have been floated

While USC tries to figure out how to compete on the field, the Pac-12 is trying to figure out how to get as much money as it possibly can in a new media rights deal, knowing that USC won’t be part of the calculus any longer.

We can debate which plans or ideas make the most sense, but one thing everyone in the Pac-12 should agree on (and we don’t count USC as being part of the Pac-12 in the sense that future decisions won’t directly involve or include the Trojans) is that the Pac-12 has to be creative and innovative in how it presents its product.

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Same old, same old won’t get it done.

We talked to Mark Rogers at The Voice of College Football about the need to position Pac-12 football in such a way that Amazon, Apple, ESPN, and any other potential outlets will be inclined to pay more, not less, for media rights. The specific ideas we put forth might not hit the sweet spot, but the larger point is that conventional thinking and planning won’t increase the price point. The conference will have to take risks.

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Story originally appeared on Trojans Wire