‘I owe that man lunch;’ Fan saves boy from getting hit by hockey puck in Ohio

Cellphone video caught the moment a stranger saved a woman’s son from a stray hockey puck in Ohio.

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Asia Davis said on social media that she was attending a Cleveland Monsters hockey game with her son when the puck flew over the glass and headed toward their seats.

She captured the moment on her phone and the video showed the man sitting next to them when the puck flew over the glass and headed toward their seats.

Andrew Podolak stood up and used his arm to block the puck from hitting the boy.

“I owe that man lunch or dinner, another thank you,” said Davis.

The online video has gone viral as her social media post on TikTok received over 10,000 views in one day.

“I went to sleep and when I woke up around 10 o’clock in the morning,” said Davis. “I had a DM from him, and it just said ‘Everything happens for a reason. I’m glad (that) little man is ok.’ I looked at his profile and I was like this is him!”

“I was just coming out and trying to enjoy a hockey game and next thing you know everything’s blowing up on social media, this that and the other, and a whole bunch of people contacting me, it’s truly a good feeling.”

The team has gotten involved.

All three got to take part in a ceremonial puck drop before a recent game and even got free seats, this time, right next to the glass.