Overwatch teaser could hint at new gorilla hero named Hammond

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Winston may be joined by a new gorilla hero in the coming months (Blizzard)
Winston may be joined by a new gorilla hero in the coming months (Blizzard)

Something is going on in the Overwatch universe. Specifically, something happening on the Moon.

In a new teaser from Blizzard, a series of emails from characters on the Moon discuss an issue with newly genetically modified gorillas that are being experimented on. Unlike Winston, who became an intelligent scientist after the procedures, these guys are acting more like “teenagers” and revolting against their captors.

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Specifically, a gorilla named “Hammond” is mentioned in the emails. Hammond has been missing from his cage, and is described as one of “smaller test subjects” in the experiment. If the speculation is to be believed, Hammond could be the 25th hero to join the Overwatch roster, and will be a smaller ape.

Of course, Blizzard has led us down the wrong path before with their teasers. Before Orisa’s release, the hints leaned heavily towards implying that Doomfist would finally get his spot in the game. Obviously, that didn’t happen as of yet. Perhaps Blizzard is waiting on Terry Crews’ schedule to free up.

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