Over/Under Week 8 - Travis Fulgham

FFL Flash Alert - The Eagles WR has been the breakout player of the season. Can he stay hot with Jalen Reagor set to return?

Video Transcript

MATT HARMON: The over/under we're gonna set on Travis Fulgham in this Sunday Night Football showdown of NFC East greats-- 13.9% fantasy points. This one, I mean, give me a break. Guys, this is so easy.

I said it earlier. Fulgham, 9 targets per game over the last 3 weeks. Top 5 in yards and targets. Easy over against a Dallas Cowboys defense. Fulgham-- I talked about Ben DiNucci as one of my Virginia super-sleeper stars there from JMU.

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Fulgham-- ODU, Old Dominion University, another great Virginia school. My sister is actually getting married next week. She's an ODU alum. So look at this. It all comes full circle. Give me the easy over here. Tank, please tell me you agree with me on this.

TANK WILLIAMS: I mean, dog, you had me at "they were playing the Dallas Cowboys." I mean, I don't care who-- you could roll out somebody that got a broken leg. As long as they going against the Dallas Cowboys, I'm going over.

This dude is averaging-- he's had 34 targets, 21 receptions, and 300 yards 2 tubs in the last 3 games. And that was against all tougher competition than who? The Dallas Cowboys. Anybody's gonna honey-roast that secondary. So this is a easy play for me-- over.

MATT HARMON: Minty? Are you gonna make this one a sweep here? Please, come on. Come on.


MINTY BETS: Yes, absolutely, over. You guys have said it all. I think them going up against this nonexistent Dallas defense is very important. I think Carson Wentz is going to find Fulgham. I mean, Hightower too, Reagor too-- but Fulgham definitely gets a touchdown and some significant yardage here. So I say over, 13.9 fantasy points.

MATT HARMON: Like Tank said, Fulgham has been dunking on good competition. So naturally, because it's fantasy football and things get a little weird, Fulgham's gonna post, like, 5 catches for 25 yards in this juicy spot. That's about how this is gonna go.