Over/Under Week 17 - Aaron Jones

Will the Green Bay RB go over/under 89.5 total yards in Week 17?

Video Transcript

- All right, for our second over under, we're looking at the Sunday night game in frozen Green Bay, going to be super cold and we're talking to Aaron Jones against Minnesota and we're setting a pretty reasonable scrimmage yardage line here of 89 and 1/2. And I am actually going to take the under on this one. Jones actually hasn't hit this total since October, not since week eight.

AJ Dillon is now consistently playing 45%, 50% of the snaps in that backfield and it has impacted Jones. That, and obviously, injuries have impacted Jones. He has 10 touchdowns on the year. He's got 47 catches.

So I'm not going to say that he's any sort of disappointment, he's been fine. But you're chasing touchdowns with this play. You're not-- He's not going to pile up yards for you. I'm going to take the under here. Matt, how do you feel about that?

MATT HARMON: I'm going to disagree with you, Andy. I'm actually going to take the over here. Look, for a couple of different reasons. I expected this to potentially be a pretty even split between these two Green Bay running backs, potentially even favoring AJ Dillon. Well, @OldTakes exposed myself on that one, because over the last two weeks it's been much more of the Jones show.

He's been much more involved than I expected. He's been clearly ahead of AJ Dillon in the pecking order. We expect that to continue this week on Sunday Tonight Football, at least I do. And this is a great match-up too for a running back.

I mean, the Vikings defense has been horrible all year long. We should expect the Packers to be controlling the action against a Sean Mannion led operation. I think AJ Dillon can maybe potentially get his too, but Aaron Jones should lead the show here in a run heavy games group.

- All right, Tank, I dare you to agree with Matt Harmon. It hasn't happened all year. There's no way it's happening now.

- No, it hasn't happened all year, but, I mean, you should have let me go first so then he would have had to agree with me. But like, yeah, Harmon and I actually agree for once, I guess, since Aiyuk isn't involved. But, I mean, I really like what he's saying right now because it remains true because the Green Bay Packers actually lost to the Vikings earlier this year.

So they're going to come back with some revenge against the backup quarterback. I feel like the game script, at least to project the game script, the way I see it, it's going to lean heavily in Green Bay favor. They're going to be playing with the lead, it's going to be cold weather.

I feel like they're going to run the ball a lot, and not only with Aaron Jones, but also with AJ Dillon. So I feel like everything just projects the right way for my man Aaron Jones to have himself a really good day. And also too, whenever teams play each other twice, they tend to change up the script a little bit. And so with Aaron Rodgers and my man Davante Adams really getting off in that first match-up, I can see a game where the running backs kind of getting involved a little bit more. So that's what gives me even more conviction on Aaron Jones going over this number with the combination of run and pass yards.

- Oh, I love to see you two come together on something like this. Love to build bridges here on "Fantasy Football Live".

- We're-- we've got--

- I hate to see it.

- We've got one more under--

MATT HARMON: Can you do like a virtual hug here?

- No. - It's happening. I feel-- I feel it happening. Well that's it for today for fresh batch of Fantasy Sleepers.