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Over/Under Week 12 - Devonta Freeman

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Will the Baltimore RB go over/under 13.9 fantasy points in Week 12?

Video Transcript


ANDY BEHRENS: All right, our second over/under and we're going to talk about a player who's actually come up a couple of times in this show already and that's Devonta Freeman. We're going to set a perfectly reasonable number here for fantasy points in a half-PPR format at 13.9.

And give me the over on this. Listen, Freeman has actually hit this number in two of his last three games. He has touchdowns in four of his last five. And if you think about the stat line that he needs to get here, it's like the stat line that should be named in Devonta Freeman's honor. It's like what he does every week. He's need like 60 yards, three catches, a touchdown. You don't need 20 touches to make this happen. I think he gets there. Cleveland on the season so far has allowed six running backs to reach this total and I think Freeman is going to become the seventh. Matt, do you agree?

MATT HERMAN: No, I'm going to go under once again on this one. Look, I feel like he could get maybe 12, 13. Like, that's lovely, but we're pushing 14, 15? For Devonta Freeman in a half-PPR, I don't think so. I mean, I feel like if you're starting Devonta Freeman and like juicing the expectations up this high, your team might not be very good so far this season.

I'm OK with him as like a low-end flex, low-end RB3, but even in a decent match-up against Cleveland, like we got Latavius Murray potentially coming back, I don't think this is a situation where you need to be chasing some of the nice little lines you've got from Freeman the last few weeks. I think this offense still flows through Lamar and these receivers with Hollywood Brown potentially looking like he's going to be active. So, no, I'll take the under here.

ANDY BEHRENS: Herman's just hanging out with Minty too much. All he does is take unders these days.


ANDY BEHRENS: You really-- you hate to see it. Tank, break this tie.

TANK WILLIAMS: Man, you know, it's funny, like, when I was listening to that it was almost like it was a presidential debate and I was like, which one of these dudes would I trust. And like you was saying, like, I'm coming up with a perfectly reasonable number of 13.9 and these are the reasons why you should play. Nah, dog.

Like, when you listen to the Harmy, like, yo, look, Latavius Murray is coming back, like, they can give the ball to Devin Duvernay, like, Lamar Jackson can hog all the touchdowns. Like, he could throw all the touchdowns to Mark Andrews and some of these other wide receivers. Like, hell, like, I don't know, Harbaugh could maybe come in to run a touchdown. Like, do we really think that all the touchdowns, all the energy is going to flow through Devonta Freeman? Like, if you believe that you need to go under somewhere because that's definitely where I'm going, under.

ANDY BEHRENS: You know your problem is you only like good players. You've got to open your heart to the full-- to the full bad player experience sometimes.