Eugene Melnyk went to court to get his private plane back

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The feels when the debt collectors take away your plane. (Getty)
The feels when the debt collectors take away your plane. (Getty)

Eugene Melnyk had to go to court to get a private jet back from a company that was holding it over an unpaid debt, the CBC reported Thursday.

Flightpath Charter Airways claimed the Ottawa Senators owner owed more than $693,000 for the “operation, maintenance and storage” of a Bombardier Challenger 604 business jet belonging to a company Melnyk owns named Clean Beauty Collective, according to court documents filed in July.

Flightpath, which placed a lien against the plane with an intention to sell it, emailed a statement to the CBC via lawyer Heather Devine.

“Flightpath commenced an application to sell Mr. Melnyk's aircraft with the intent to pay off creditors who have not been paid.”

(Devine confirmed Wednesday to the CBC that her client has since withdrawn their application to sell the aircraft.)

Court documents filed by Flightpath detailed Melnyk’s alleged use of the plane.

“For months, [Melnyk] flew the aircraft, incurred third party expenses, and demanded that [Flightpath] manage and operate the aircraft but failed to pay for insurance, NAV Canada, fuel, pilots, pilot training, maintenance, storage and repair expenditures without explanation, and without justification.”

Flightpath also said it believed that Clean Beauty Collective owed money to a “host of other companies” including several Airport and Port Authorities in Canada and the US.

Melnyk's company disputed the amounts in question, calling the numbers "incorrect and inflated.”

According to the CBC, Melnyk's lawyer, Robert Brush, says Melnyk's company “voluntarily paid into court the full amount of money that Flightpath claims it is owed.”

Money which, Brush wrote, "will sit in an account controlled by the court until a judge rules on the dispute.”

In a completely separate case, a Connecticut casino is currently suing Melnyk for more than $900,000 as the Mohegan Sun filed a lawsuit claiming Melnyk tried (and failed) to pay off a 2017 casino debt with bad bank drafts.

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