How other teams announced their 2023 matchups with the Dolphins

On Thursday night, all 32 teams announced their schedules for the 2023 NFL season with their own creative videos.

The Miami Dolphins had their players attend the cinemas with their opponents, times and dates appearing on movie posters, candy and prices.

As far as the other teams, some were more creative than others. Let’s take a look to see how Miami’s opponents for the upcoming season announced that they’d be playing the Dolphins this year.


Los Angeles is the best at this. They went back to the anime well, and they killed it. They used Mike McDaniel vaping to announce the opener, which some may remember was a storyline last season.


New England did a little look back at some of the retired members of the franchise, hosted by the recently-retired Devin McCourty. They even had a guest appearance from Tom Brady.

To announce their games against Miami, the Patriots used team hall-of-famer Pete Brock feeding a bowl of fake Dolphins.


Denver went without a remake of “The Office,” which included Peyton Manning, John Elway and a number of cast members from the show.

While the video was alright, the announcement of the games individually was lacking. The last scene showed an Excel spreadsheet of their schedule.


Buffalo had their players live out their dreams, including quarterback Josh Allen being a paperboy for a day. Their matchup with Miami appeared as the offensive line pranked former Bill-turned-reporter Steve Tasker during a broadcast.


New York used an escape room with their players, including some former stars like wide receiver Victor Cruz. The schedule was completely released after they found all of the pieces to escape the room.


Carolina chose to produce their own theatrical performance led by long snapper/director J.J. Jansen that took twists and turns, including a parody of “Maury.”

For Miami, center Bradley Bozeman shoved an actor in a Dolphin suit to the ground.


Philadelphia used their team dog, Reggie, along with the dogs of players on the team, to announce their schedule and opponents. Philly Roseman, the dog belonging to the team’s general manager appeared to chew on a toy Dolphin.


Kansas City used their MVP, Patrick Mahomes, as well as a number of a ton of other creative features on Instagram to announce their team’s schedule. They’ll play Miami in Germany, so they had Mahomes’ alarm go off with a Dolphin noise.


The Raiders had a corporate party and celebration, as they used nearly every member of the organization, alumni and celebrities like Ice Cube and T-Pain. The whole schedule appeared as credits during outtakes.


New York used a GeoGuessr sensation Rainbolt to announce their schedule, including their bye week which they put as Puerto Rico.


Washington hopped on the latest wave of artificial intelligence, as they announced with their version of ChatGPT, called ChatDMV. The Commanders mascot asked the A.I. to create an image of Terry McLaurin as King of the Dolphins.


Tennessee went the route of Tik Tok trending, asking people on Broadway to name their opponents based on their logos alone. It didn’t go well for most of the teams. For Miami, the guesser knew it was the Dolphins but didn’t exactly know where they played.


Dallas used the television series “Yellowstone” for their announcement, as different players auditioned for parts on the show. Like one of the previous announcements, the schedule was used as credits at the end.


Baltimore capitalized on having Lamar Jackson under contract for the long term, as he read off the schedule with some highlights and music playing under it.

Story originally appeared on Dolphins Wire