OSDH: 48 counties in moderate risk level, 29 in low; Enid man 1 of 18 deaths

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Feb. 26—ENID, Okla. — Fewer counties in the state are again at a lower risk of spreading COVID-19 as of this week, according to Oklahoma State Department of Health.

According to Friday's report, 48 of Oklahoma's 77 counties were in the moderate-risk, or "orange," level, down from 62 last week, and 29 counties are in the low-risk, or "yellow," level.

Of the entire Northwest Oklahoma region, nine counties — including Garfield, Grant, Alfalfa and Kingfisher —were reported in the moderate-risk level, and nine other counties, including Woodward, Woods, Blaine and Major, were in the low-risk level.

Garfield County's alert level was 32.3 COVID-19 cases per 100,000.

Daily update

Oklahoma reported 867 new COVID-19 cases and 18 additional deaths, one of which was an Enid man, on Friday, according to OSDH.

The 0.2% increase brought the cumulative total to 423,023 with 13,336 active, a single-day decrease of 208, and 405,367 recovered, including 1,057 since Thursday's report.

According to OSDH, two of today's deaths occurred since Jan 1.

There have been 4,320 deaths in the state, just over 1% of the cases, in which COVID-19 was the cause or a contributing factor, OSDH reported.

Of the 18 deaths statewide, 13 were in the 65 and older age group: one man and one woman in Carter County, two Oklahoma County women, one man each in Beckham, Garfield and Logan counties and one woman each in Canadian, Cleveland, Garvin, Kay, Seminole and Tulsa counties.

Four of the deaths were in the 50-64 age group: one man and one woman in Oklahoma County, an Atoka County woman and one Comanche County man. The last deaths was an Oklahoma County woman in the 36-49 age group.

Cumulative COVID-19-positive hospitalizations in Oklahoma stood at 23,879 Friday, according to OSDH. Of that number, 484 currently are hospitalized, with 150 in ICU, according to OSDH's Executive Report released Friday evening.

In Enid, St. Mary's Regional Medical Center reported treating three COVID-19 patients with no new deaths. Integris Bass Baptist Health Center reported Friday it had six patients and also had no deaths.

Cases in Garfield County on Friday increased by seven for a total of 7,569, with 224 active and 7,268, or 96%, recovered, according to OSDH. The majority of the cases — 6,689, or 88.4% — have been in Enid, which reported 211 active cases and 6,409 recovered.

Of the county's 77 deaths, 69 have been in Enid, according to the OSDH list of city data. Five have been in Lahoma and one each in Fairmont, Garber and Covington. ZIP code information has Enid with 68 deaths.

There have been 2,927 cases, with 2,793 recovered and 37 deaths, from the 73701 ZIP code, primarily the eastern half of Enid, and 3,672 cases, with 3,535 recovered and 31 deaths, from 73703, or the western half, according to OSDH data on Friday. There were 39 cases with 38 recovered in the 73705 ZIP code, listed as Vance Air Force Base.

Other Northwest Oklahoma county case increases Friday included three each in Alfalfa, Blaine and Kingfisher and two each in Major, Noble and Woodward. No cases were reported in Grant and Woods counties.

State update

There have been 223,847 Oklahoma women and 199,163 men who have tested positive for COVID-19, according to OSDH on Friday. There were 13 designated as unknown gender.

Cumulative totals of OSDH-confirmed cases per age group were 8,028 in the 0-4 age group, 47,582 in the 5-17 age group, 132,508 in the 18-35 age group, 91,456 in the 36-49 age group, 82,454 in the 50-64 age group and 60,969 in the 65 and older age group. There were 26 listed as unknown age.

Of the overall 4,320 deaths in the state, 3,422 have been 65 and older and 702 have been ages 50-64, making up a combined 95.5% of the total. There have been 161 deaths in the 36-49 age group, 34 in the 18-35 age group and one in the 5-17 age group. More men, 2,465, than women, 1,855, have succumbed to the virus, according to OSDH on Friday.

Data show deaths in all of Oklahoma's 77 counties, with 729 in Oklahoma; 688 in Tulsa; 262 in Cleveland; 131 in Comanche; 114 in Rogers; 112 in Creek; 96 in Muskogee; 92 in Canadian; 85 in Washington; 80 in Wagoner; 77 in Garfield; 76 each in Kay and Pottawatomie; 71 in Grady; 67 in Custer; 66 in Stephens; 64 in McCurtain; 61 in Delaware; 57 in Carter; 56 in Caddo; 55 in Bryan; 54 in Lincoln; 46 each in Garvin, McClain and Payne; 45 each in Okmulgee, Ottawa and Pontotoc; 44 each in Jackson and Osage; 43 in Le Flore; 41 in Cherokee; 38 in Mayes; 37 in Beckham; 35 each in Pittsburg and Seminole; 32 in McIntosh; 31 in Pawnee; 28 each in Logan and Sequoyah; 24 each in Adair and Texas; 23 in Kingfisher; 22 in Murray; 20 in Okfuskee; 17 each in Greer, Hughes, Johnston and Woodward; 15 each in Kiowa and Nowata; 14 each in Coal and Tillman; 13 each in Choctaw, Cotton and Pushmataha; 12 each in Atoka, Marshall and Noble; 11 each in Craig and Woods; 10 each in Jefferson and Love; nine each in Haskell, Latimer, Major and Washita; eight in Blaine; seven each in Grant and Roger Mills; six each in Beaver and Dewey; five in Alfalfa; four in Harper; three each in Ellis and Harmon; and one in Cimarron.

Northwest Oklahoma

COVID-19 data per other Northwest Oklahoma counties released Friday by OSDH:

—Woodward with 3,078 cases, 2,990 recovered, 71 active and 17 deaths, 10 from Woodward, two each from Fort Supply and Mooreland and one from Sharon.

—Kingfisher with 1,975 cases, 1,899 recovered, 53 active and 23 deaths, 11 from Kingfisher, six from Hennessey, four from Okarche and two from Dover.

—Noble with 1,343 cases, 1,275 recovered, 56 active and 12 deaths, including seven from Perry, two from Red Rock and one each from Billings, Marland and Morrison.

—Woods with 1,185 cases, 1,153 recovered, 21 active and 11 deaths, nine from Alva and two not listed by town.

—Alfalfa with 1,147 cases, 1,130 recovered, 12 active and five deaths, two each from Aline and Helena and one each from Carmen and Cherokee.

—Blaine with 992 cases, 949 recovered, 35 active and eight deaths, two from Canton, one from Watonga and five not listed by town.

—Major with 937 cases, 909 recovered, 19 active and nine deaths, six from Fairview, one from Cleo Springs and two not listed by town.

—Grant with 534 cases, 519 recovered, eight active and seven deaths, three from Wakita and one each from Deer Creek, Lamont, Medford and Nash.DOC update

The number of inmates currently positive for COVID-19 was at 56 Friday, and 87 Department of Corrections employees with the virus across the state, according to the DOC website.

DOC data shows that no cases were reported at Charles E. "Bill" Johnson Corrections Center in Alva, James Crabtree Correctional Center in Helena, Enid Community Corrections Center or William S. Key Correctional Center in Fort Supply.

DOC reports that among the inmate deaths related to COVID-19, there have been two at William S. Key and three at James Crabtree correctional centers in Northwest Oklahoma.

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