O's Rodriguez, Irvin highlight late-round steals

D.J. Short and Scott Pianowski discuss their picks for late-round SP steals, headlined by a pair of Orioles pitchers in Grayson Rodriguez and Cole Irvin.

Video Transcript

- --Grayson Rodriguez with the Orioles. We probably would have seen him last year in the majors. But he missed a lot of time. He had a grade two lat strain. Came back toward the end of the season, pitched pretty well in AAA but didn't get the call with the Orioles down the stretch. But top pitching prospect in the game.

There's a chance he could make the Orioles rotation out of spring training. But they may wait a month or two to delay his service time, that sort of thing. But I think he could make an impact in mixed leagues right away.

And again, this Orioles ballpark is different than it was in the past. It really helps out pitchers as opposed to hurts them. So I think he could be a breakout guy this season.

- Scott, I know you brought up Hunter Brown already. I wanted to know though, are you agreeing with the hype on Grayson Rodriguez? And is there another guy in later rounds that you're interested in here?

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: Yeah, I like the tack that DJ was taking with the Baltimore park. And that's going to get me to Cole Irvin right now, ADP 500, just a really sneaky pickup. He's gone from Oakland, where fly balls go to die, to Baltimore, where fly balls go to die.

I like what this Baltimore team is doing. I think they're going to be over 0.500 again this year. And again, look, any ball hit to the power alleys is going to be caught. It's not the Camden Yards we grew up with. So he's just a dead giveaway. Pick 500, I think that will probably go up about 100 picks. Even then, we're looking at a last round steal.

And DJ knows the Mets really well. So I'm curious what he thinks of Jose Quintana, who kind of fixed his career last year. He'll be at the back of a Mets rotation, a good defense, a team that's probably going to win about 95 ballgames or so.

He's no longer buzzy. And I realize at one point he commanded a lot in trade. He was always seen as kind of like a quasi-Cy Young contender. He's not that guy anymore. But could he win 12 to 14 games with an ERA in the mid-3's, maybe a WIP around 120, somebody who fills out the back of a fantasy staff nicely? And you can get him outside pick 300 in Yahoo leagues right now.

- I think Carlos Carrasco fits in that same mold exactly.


- I think they could put up similar numbers, for sure.