The New Orleans Pelicans unveil their new, positively plain, uniforms (Photos)

Fifteen months ago, the New Orleans Hornets announced that they were considering a name change. Midway through the 2012-13 season the team revealed that it would be changing its name to the “Pelicans,” and it unveiled its logo. In July, the franchise revealed its plans for a new, Pelican-themed court. And on Thursday, the New Orleans Pelicans finally debuted the team’s new uniforms.

It’s basic, almost laughably plain, uniforms.

The font seems a little too tiny for uniforms that are supposed to stretch over very tall professional athletes. And, as The Basketball Jones Trey Kerby pointed out, they also appear to be a slimmed-down version of the alternate jerseys the Cleveland Cavaliers used to wear. And it’s not as if the Pelican jerseys were replacing an NBA eyesore.

Frankly, the light blue/teal and yellow that the former New Orleans Hornets sported for over a decade was a pretty attractive getup. I realize that people that use the word “getup” in reference to apparel really shouldn’t be allowed to judge fashion choices, but we’ll miss those festive outfits. I’m also aware that I just used the word “festive.” I’m one step away from sounding like your mother, and telling you that new turtleneck you got for Christmas looks “sharp.”

I appreciate the simplicity in the new duds, though. Years of preparation went into this switchover, and Pelicans brass was no doubt hit with dozens of submissions from would-be stylists looking to grab the gig, with one submission likely far more ostentatious and busy than the one that came before it. For the Pelicans to work their way through all that noise and come up with something this straightforward and uncomplicated is to the organization’s credit, especially with a charmingly flamboyant owner like Tom Benson running the show.

The Pelicans made some curious moves during the offseason, declining the chance to take part in the 2013 (and most likely 2014) NBA draft lottery while moving on acquiring Jrue Holiday (who will need some time to get used to the team’s new name) and Tyreke Evans. The team, under Benson, is clearly shooting to make the lower rungs of the playoffs after a two-season absence. Such a move would require a 20-something jump in wins from the team’s 27-55 2012-13 campaign, but the front office likely feels like the squad is properly outfitted for a campaign like this.

Do the uniforms match the task at hand? You make the call, internet.