Orlando Arcia gets in a pickle and turns into Benny The Jet Rodriguez

When all else fails, just keep running, right?

It’s a strategy that worked well for Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez in “The Sandlot” and it worked when Milwaukee Brewers shortstop Orlando Arcia found himself in a pickle Monday afternoon against the Baltimore Orioles. When the play was over, we had one of the more entertaining moments you’ll see in the big leagues this year. And, with Fourth of July right in front of our faces, it’s hard not think of Benny The Jet.

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Arcia, 22, started the sequence on first base and hustled from first to third on an infield hit by pitcher Brent Suter. Only, he overslid third base as the Orioles were trying to throw him out. So what did Arcia do? He got up and ran home.

There was a lot of action on that side of the field, so Arcia didn’t have an easy route. He ended up in a pickle, going back and forth between a couple of O’s and a couple of throws until he made one of those Benny The Jet quick turns, went home and evaded Orioles shortstop Ruben Tejada at the plate.

Orlando Arcia (left) in the middle of a rundown with the Orioles. (Getty Images)
Orlando Arcia (left) in the middle of a rundown with the Orioles. (Getty Images)


You might remember the other day when Arcia helped himself to a fan’s ice cream after chasing a foul ball that went into the stands. After this one, he deserves seconds. Or, heck, he plays for the Brewers. Somebody should have a cold one waiting for Arcia after the game.

Just don’t ride The Trabant afterward, kid.

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