Oregon State Football Sunday Stock Report

Mike Singer, Recruiting Editor
Beavers Edge

Following Oregon State's 42-7 loss to Washington, there were some players that stood out with their positive play, but unfortunately, others stood out with not so positive play.

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Stock Up

Punter Nick Porebski

He was Oregon State's best football player on Saturday and made a big impact in the game by containing Dante Pettis, who is arguably the best punt returner in college football history. Porebski booted the ball sky high, and the punt coverage team did a great job swarming Pettis. Poresbki had eight punts (that's a lot) with three pinning UW inside their own 20 and two going 50+ yards.

Running back Thomas Tyner

If it weren't for Nall and Pierce getting banged up, we probably wouldn't have seen much of Tyner in this football game. He had one carry in the first quarter, one in the second quarter, and then in the fourth quarter, Tyner fumbled the ball away to Washington. He bounced back and ran well in the final minutes of the game, albeit against Washington's backups. He still led the Beavs in rushing (just 54 yards on 9 carries) and scored his first touchdown in a Beaver uniform.

Inside linebacker Manase Hungalu

Oregon State might have something here with Hungalu as a blitzing inside linebacker. He looked very good getting after the quarterback and finished with 1.5 sacks. He led the Beavers with 11 total tackles, and he's playing at the level we expected him to be at coming into the season after a rough first game. Hungalu leads OSU in tackles, tackles for loss, sacks, and QB hurries.

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Stock Down

Wide receivers/tight ends

The wide receiver corps for Oregon State in 2016 was pretty bad, and they've been improved this year, although they certainly miss Victor Bolden's playmaking ability. Last night's performance by this group was epicly bad though. The Beavs had just three WR/TE's that caught passes in Tuli Wily-Matagi, Jordan Villamin, and Trevon Bradford. Those three guys caught just one pass each - and all went for under ten yards. Drops were an issue for Wily-Matagi and Villamin on key plays. And then there was the mysterious benching of Isaiah Hodgins. Noah Togiai was not available with a minor injury as well.

Cornerback Isaiah Dunn

Ouch. The true freshman was called on to start for the Beavers at cornerback over Kyle White and Jay Irvine, and he had a very tough outing. Did Oregon State have Xavier Crawford follow Dante Pettis across the formations? Nope. So Dunn had one on one responsibilities with Pettis, in his FIRST EVER college football game. Um, whose idea was that? Dunn will be a good player, and I don't blame him for getting torched for two touchdowns against Pettis. It's head scratching that he started over White and Irvine in his first ever CFB game.

Head coach Gary Andersen

In his post-game press conference, Andersen said that the blame for the Beavers' losses fall on his shoulders as the head coach of the football team, so, we'll put the blame on his shoulders. From the odd comments that Kevin McGiven gave earlier in the week about Thomas Tyner - to the odd benching of Isaiah Hodgins - to starting Isaiah Dunn in his first game and lining him up in single coverage against Pettis - there are very questionable calls that are being made in personnel, and as the head coach, Andersen is in charge of those decisions, even though he publicly says that he defers to his coordinators on game days about personnel.

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