Oregon dominates in statement win over Colorado

Yahoo Sports’ Jason Fitz breaks down the highly anticipated matchup that saw Oregon dominate Colorado 42-6.

Video Transcript


JASON FITZ: College football's Cinderella became a pumpkin and not one of those cool pumpkins you see somebody carved on their porch that looks awesome. No, like one of those rotted out, gross pumpkins. That's what this game looked like. It's actually the carriage that becomes the pumpkin? Either way, you know what I mean.

At the end of the day, Oregon absolutely demolished Colorado. We knew that Colorado's offensive line could be an issue. Guess what? It was. They gave up 7 sacks in this game. We knew Colorado's defense sometimes gives up big plays and lots of points. Well, they were down 35-0 at the half. Before a garbage time touchdown in the fourth quarter for Colorado, they were going into the fourth quarter at one point with almost as many penalty yards as actual yards.

In the meantime, Bo Nix goes off. 28-33, 276, three touchdowns and one pick in an efficient game and maybe the most surprising part of it, Dan Lanning and Oregon reminding you that because of conference realignment these two teams aren't going to play each other anytime soon. How do we know that was on his mind? Because the Oregon Ducks were up huge and they were going for it on fourth and goal over and over again in the second half. They kept their starters out there.

It was apparent, Oregon was trying to make a statement. What Coach Prime has done for Colorado to this point is far exceeding anybody, myself included, expectations for where they were going to be. But what Oregon wanted to do was make sure that another story was told, that at the end of the day, while Colorado might be a great story Oregon is a great team and they're looking to prove to everybody they belong in the National title conversation.