Oprah Just Taught Everyone How To Respond To Trump’s Insults


Oprah Winfreyisn’t playing PresidentDonald Trump’s insult game. 

In recent weeks, Trump has repeatedly attacked the actress and talk show maven. He called Winfrey “very insecure” in a tweet last month and over the weekend he promised to make a possible presidential run “painful” for her. 

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“I would love to beat Oprah,” Trump said during a rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday night. “I know her weakness.”

Not surprisingly, Winfrey took the high road on Sunday when CNN’sVan Jonesasked what she would say in response to Trump’s comments.

“I wouldn’t,” Winfrey replied. “I would only speak if I felt that I could be heard.”

Winfrey’spowerful speech at the Golden Globe Awardsearlier this year drew both acclaim and calls for her to run for president against Trump in 2020.  However, she has since said she hasn’t heard from God on the issue. 

“(I)f God actually wanted me to run,wouldn’t God kind of tell me?” Winfrey said on “60 Minutes Overtime.” “And I haven’t heard that.”

While not a candidate herself, Winfrey did offer some advice for whoever does run: 

“I will say to whoever is going to run for office, do not give your energy to the other side. Do not spend all your time talking about your opponents. Do not give your energy to that which you really don’t believe in. Do not spend an ounce of your time on that.”


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