Opinion Poll: A new No.1? Bishop Gorman makes strong case after win over Centennial

Let the arguments…commence.

Vegas power Bishop Gorman only needed to hold off an impressive comeback by Mater Dei in early 2022 to make a strong case for the top spot in the final Super 25 rankings.

Instead, the championship nod went to St. John Bosco (Calif.). Although the Braves lost to Mater Dei, they did manage to flip the script on the Monarchs at the Rose Bowl later in the year.

Meanwhile, the Gaels continued to steamroll teams, ending 2022 with one loss. The same as Mater Dei. The same as St. John Bosco.

That left the simple argument at the season’s end—one that was by no means a new area on the national stage—and included the scenario of three one-loss teams that could easily make a case for overall supremacy.

Add in the seasons of Central (Miami, Fla.) and Duncanville (Texas) and voila: you’re trying to solve a puzzle that would make even Pat Sajak shake his head and drop the mic.

(Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images)

And here we are again. Again.

The 2023 opening Super 25 rankings have featured all three teams at the top, with Mater Dei currently at No. 1, followed by Bishop Gorman and then St. John Bosco.

All three are impressive — offense, defense, recruits, the works.

Unlike last season, however, we won’t benefit from any direct data (actual games) to decide what’s what between the top Vegas team and the two top California teams.

Sure, we’ll have the CIF battle on October 13 between the Braves and the Monarchs. But it’ll be hard to toss out the loser of the game from the trio, because, well, See: 2022.

To that, all the SoCal outcome will really create is an objective whirlwind of opinions that echo over state lines, where there’s zero chance Team X could beat Team Y. And vice versa.

The proof?

Pat, I’d like to buy a vowel, please.


So, where does that currently leave the HS football collective?

Right now? Corona, California. That’s where.

Centennial, currently ranked 15 in the Super 25, is the only team to play any of the top three.

In the matchup against Mater Dei to open the year, the Huskies lost a tough one at home 28-14.

On the road tonight, the Huskies—marred by the turnover bug, at times— lost to Gorman 56-28.

Those two games are the only evidence—in my opinion—we have so far to determine even an inkling of the best of the best.

Mater Dei looked solid, teetering on dynamic here and there.

Gorman looked solid, teetering on dynamic as well, and won by a larger point differential.

So, you tell me…

Story originally appeared on High School Sports