OPINION:(Column) All About Ashville

Nov. 9—It is such a pleasure to cover Ashville High School cross country teams. These students work hard and are consistently successful. The boys placed second at sectionals. The girls placed third. Both teams qualified for state. Molly Northam was among the top 15 finishers.

Northam and Walker Griffin were selected for the Heisman Scholarship award. This is no small honor. Students who receive the scholarship must excel in athletics academics and community service. To excel in even one of these is impressive.

The senior citizen center is holding line dancing lessons every Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. There are already Christmas events on the city's calendar. A thousand Ashville residents were served spooky fun on Halloween at Pinedale Road. Sherry Baird serves her community by making every holiday magical and she does it on her own dime. Thank you, Sherry. We can't wait for Christmas.

People are of different minds when it comes to when to start decorating and celebrating Christmas. Some start with Christmas in July and continue it until Dec. 26. Some start the day after Thanksgiving or later. Most fall somewhere in between. However, regardless of whether you think it's time for a tinsel tree or not, there is one subject on which everyone can agree. It's never too early to start giving.

Christmas blessings of Alabama is asking people to put donation boxes in their stores and offices. For more information, contact Lynn Woff or Deanne White at They also have a Facebook page.